Coaching Programs


Love the Run offers coaching for a wide range of runners over many distances, from 5km to marathons, road and trails. Training programs are individual and customised, based around the goals and objectives of the athlete. The best training program for a runner is one they can do, because it is achievable and fits into their life.

Coaching helps you along the path to enjoying and understanding your sport – running – and learning about yourself and the thrill of extending your limits. Coaching can also provide friendship and support from a worldwide network of people who also love to run…

The basis for coaching is our Tuesday and Thursday group training sessions, with the benefit of group support and camaraderie, plus the opportunity for our coach, Campbell Maffett, to chat with each runner about their progress and future plans. This one-on-one contact is the foundation for the coaching services, backed up written programs and communication.

Tuesday and Thursday sessions also include run technique analysis, drills, core strength and more, as necessary for each runner.

Note – not everyone can make it along to every Tuesday and Thursday session, but coming along when you can is the foundation of productive and effective coaching.

Love the Run has brought the structure, camaraderie, and fun that was missing from my running previously! In the short time I’ve been a part of the group, Cam’s knowledge and advice has helped me get closer to my goals, and the people I’ve met through the group have meant that I’ve had fun doing it!
– Lachlan


P1020036Services – Program vs Casual vs Consultation
Program coaching – provides a day-by-day training program to suit the individual athlete, in conjunction with Tuesday and/or Thursday sessions, with changes made as necessary. This suits athletes who have a long-term vision and commitment for their goals.

Casual sessions – allows athletes to join in scheduled sessions (Tuesday or Thursday) on an ad hoc basis, matched and adapted to suit what you are training for.

Consultation – involves spending time with you to work out a training strategy, plan, sessions and other things on an ad hoc / consultation, by appointment basis. This is an open, two-way discussion that can cover any topic of aspect of performance and suits an athlete who is seeking some guidance to their training but who prefers to work out details themselves.

Casual sessions – $10 each
Program coaching – $20 per week
Consultation – $50 per hour